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The Future of Point-of-Sale Technology Is Here


For over 10 years, the team at In Touch Systems POS has been providing point-of-sale solutions to clients. We sell and support only the most trusted sale point technology brands to help our clients manage their restaurants and bars.
As a full-service point-of-sale technology vendor we provide a full installation, training, and on-going support to our clients. Each of the POS systems we carry are fully integrated to a secure payment system.

  • Restaurant ManagerEdgeserv POS, and Duet POS.
  • Secure networks and EMV devices to protect your credit card data
  • We support our clients with our own techs. Our customers get to know the guys who know there system for trusted timely support.
  • Merchant Processing fully integrated to each of the POS solutions we provide. We can provide the best possible pricing and complete credit card support for our customers

Non-Cash Adjustment is a great options for businesses that want to lower their credit card processing costs.  

The Cash Discount Program allows you to process unlimited credit cards for one flat, low fee. It is a method of implementing an increase in price to all customers, while giving a discount to those who pay with cash. When a customer pays with a card, our technology isolates the price increase and immediately applies it to your processing fees so that you never again have to worry about an unpredictable processing bill, all while keeping you within card network guidelines.

How do we explain it to our customers ?  Below is an example of how one of our customers explains it.

What does this mean?   First, we will be adding a four percent customer service charge to all credit/debit card sales ONLY.  There is no service charge on cash or check transactions.  Therefore, all advertised and marked prices on the menu are cash/check only prices. Why are we doing this?  Our credit/debit processing charges have reached untenable amounts.  You may know this or not, but we, as the merchant, get charged each time a customer swipes a card.  This adds up to the point where many months we pay more in processing fees than we do in rent.  This is why other places have ticket minimums or allow only one card as payment for large groups.  We don’t do that. So, instead of an annual price increase of six to ten percent on items to cover this ever increasing cost, we will be adding only four percent to all credit/debit transactions. This will mitigate the need for any future price increases as we strive to maintain value and quality in everything we do, as we have for 25 years. Please bear in mind, we do not get to keep the four percent, it just covers our processing costs.  Our goal is to reduce those so we don’t need to raise menu prices every year. As an incentive, paying by cash or check immediately removes the customer service charge.  So, if you wish to pay by cash or check, by all means we encourage it. We do not take this action lightly, and we understand reservations you may have, but we feel this is the best way to maintain affordable prices and ensure the highest quality we can.

Traditional Merchant Processing

We understand that choosing a credit card processor can be a difficult decision for many of our customers. First and foremost, we want all our customers to know that In Touch Systems POS will support any of preferred processors. We have relationships with several preferred processors, and we have crafted those relationships to provide lower costs and better support for our customers.

It is important to us to be transparent about how our preferred processor relationships work. Many credit card processors sell their services via sales representatives that earn money by enrolling customers in credit card processing services. With our preferred processors, we perform the role of the sales representative, and in return we earn some of the money that would go to the sales rep. We then share some of that money back to our customers as rebates/discounts on the products and services that we provide.

Also, important to note is the increased level of support that In Touch Systems POS can offer our customers that use one of our preferred processors. In almost all situations, any issue related to credit card processing can be resolved with a single call to In Touch Systems POS. If the issue is related to the POS system, we can handle that, or if the issue is related to the processor, we can handle that as well.

We work for our customers! We can provide information on our preferred processors so our customers can make the decision that is best for their own business. We are thankful to have you as a customer and pleased to support you on whichever processor is the best for your business.